You’ve determined that your organization needs some help being Better Abroad.  During step 2, you recognized some specific gaps in your approach to education abroad.  Now it is time to select resources that will support your organization’s effort to be Better Abroad.

This page offers EIGHT categories that we’ve identified in our research of how to be Better Abroad. However, before you review the links below, consider that being Better Abroad takes more than one person or one office in an organization Therefore, we suggest that you bring together some colleagues and explore Better Abroad together.  This process requires COMMITMENT.  Being Better Abroad is a process. We have pulled resources together in a way that we hope will make the process as easy as possible for your organization.

There are the  EIGHT categories of resources we’ve compiled. Each category has FOUR columns.

Column 1: Names the resource.
Column 2: Describes what the resource is.
Column 3: Recommends who should use the resource.
Column 4: Suggests how the resource can be used.

Here are the 8 categories (simply click on each one to explore them):

(Have recommendations for Better Abroad resources?  Click HERE to send them our way!)

You’ve looked at a lot of resources.  You’re probably feeling a bit overwhelmed.  Please don’t fret!  Let’s move on to Step 4 where we explain the ACTION piece of Better Abroad.

STEP 4: CREATE AN ACTION PLAN!  Click HERE to learn more.