Better Abroad Check-In


You have a few examples of what we believe Better Abroad is and what Better Abroad is not…but where does your organization fall?

Take a few moments to consider these following questions and ‘check in’ where your organization’s stand on a sampling of Better Abroad issues:  

  1. Do your faculty receive training about intercultural competency and experiential education, integrating them into program design? Or perhaps they partner with another faculty member with an expertise in this area?
  2. Are students primarily participating in activities and spending time with students that are predominantly from their home country?
  3. Are programs designed with the impact on local environments/communities in mind?
  4. Do students receive cultural pre-departure information from experts that extends beyond health, safety, and logistical concerns to include linguistic, historical, current events and values?
  5. Is facilitated reflection time built into the program, as well as pre and post-program?
  6. Is dialogue encouraged to go beyond stereotyping or broad generalizations?
  7. Are students primarily passive consumers of culture (sightseers and shoppers) or active learners/participants in a dialogue with the local community?
  8. Are students encouraged and given opportunities for experiential learning about local lifestyles (participate or observe working conditions, transportation, eating habits, etc.)?
  9. Do students have periods of limited access to internet/phones and is project work not wholly based on technology?
  10. Are students encouraged to enroll in a re-entry course or to join a re-entry-focused group that explores reflection, action and global citizenship?

Take a moment to reflect on these questions.  Were some of your answers less than a confident YES?  If this is the case, you’re in need of Better Abroad. (Don’t feel badly about it, many of us are!)

STEP 3: You’ve checked in with where your organization stands on being Better Abroad. It is now time to click HERE to select resources based on your organization’s needs.   


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