Create An Action Plan


Better Abroad is meant to be action oriented. This process is designed to encourage more thoughtful education abroad program design.  The overall goal is to shift the focus from quantity to quality in intercultural learning before, during, and after the education abroad experience for our students.  Besides understanding why Better Abroad is needed, action is most important!

Developing an ACTION PLAN is the last step in the beginning of your Better Abroad journey.  You’ve taken stock on where your organization falls through our check-in tool.  You’ve assessed where and how your organization can be Better Abroad.  You’ve selected resources that support your organization’s effort to be Better Abroad.

At this point, you may be wondering, Now What?  We encourage you to start an action plan, and to begin with three specific action steps to put Better Abroad into place.

Some example action steps could be:

  • Form a Better Abroad committee at your organization
  • Share 3-5 resources in the areas where you see gaps in your organization
  • Update your orientation program to include one of the videos or resources
  • Seek funding for faculty development training
  • Send the link to Better Abroad to your organization’s President, CEO or Provost
  • Review 5 resources this week
  • Discuss Better Abroad with your organization’s Senior Leadership
  • Add Better Abroad to the Faculty Senate agenda
  • Review your organization’s marketing materials to assess whether you’re using Bad Abroad phrases for marketing purposes

Here is a sample Case Study and a Sample Better Abroad Action Plan (PDF):


We encourage you to download this word document and commit to Better Abroad by writing down your organization’s Better Abroad Action Plan steps:

Better Abroad Action Plan

We ask that you include the Better Abroad Badge on your website!

(CLICK on the image below, then click SAVE AS to your desktop.)


This badge serves two purposes:

  1. It lets the world know you’re carefully reviewing your education abroad programs
  2. It helps others get to the Better Abroad website so they can also aim to be Better Abroad

Be sure to Contact Us so that we can provide support and also learn from you!  What resources are you finding to be most effective in your journey to be Better Abroad? What resources have you found that we can add to the resource lists?

Thank you for making a commitment to being Better Abroad!  We look forward to hearing from you soon.


The Better Abroad Team

(Volunteers from Melibee Global and Amizade Global Service-Learning)