Resource: Examples of Bad Abroad

Resources Description Who Should Use How To Use
Drinking and Study Abroad Written by a student about student drinking behavior while abroad. Faculty/Administrators/Students This article can be shared to provide a student perspective on drinking while studying abroad. It urges students not to perpetuate images of drunk Americans.
Study Abroad Maybe The author discusses whether pop culture is a distraction when studying abroad and how our students really use their time experiencing another culture. Does time spent making videos like the ones shown take away from the student's overall experience? Faculty/Students This blog post could be used as a starting point for a reflection exercise. Students can be shown the videos referenced in the blog to prompt discussion.
How Facebook Can Ruin Study Abroad Discusses the need to a media pledge to curb the Facebook music and instant message consumption while abroad. Faculty/Administrators/Students This piece can be used as reading resource for faculty and education abroad offices. You can develop a set of questions to pose to students before they go abroad re: social media and technology use. Technology and social media are useful in keeping students focused and gaining their attention in some cases and in others it takes away from the immersion and culture shock of an education abroad program.
Teaching English Abroad: The Good the Bad and the Ugly-How to Avoid a Terrible Work Situation as an English Teacher Abroad The author shares his insight into teaching abroad particularly in Asia. Stories about teaching abroad and the lack of (pre-departure) preparation and false promises. Faculty/Administrators/Students Professional development tool that also can be shared with students as it provides a counterbalance to the often rosy and exotic picture of teaching abroad.
A Mom's take on her son studying abroad (op-ed) A mother reflecting on her son studying abroad experience which is full of stereotypes (little mention of academics but mention of how he can ask for a beer in four languages). Students/Parents/Faculty/Administrators This article could be used as a starting point for a discussion of stereotypes about Study Abroad (and education abroad) is and what people hear when the experiences are conveyed.
ABROAD – A Study Abroad "Documentary" This video suggests that study abroad is about hanging around with your American friends in many countries while dancing everywhere and drinking a lot. It leaves the viewer with the impression that study abroad is not serious – it is a big travel adventure with friends and playing all day long. Faculty/Administrators This video could be used as a starting point for a discussion about how to facilitate immersion and deeper learning through more thoughtful program design.
American students are inhibiting their study abroad experience This critique of study abroad emphasizes the more shallow elements of study abroad experiences. This article addresses the "US bubble" abroad. Students/Faculty/Administrators This article will be an eye opening read for other students and is a good discussion starter.
Study Abroad Goof Off and Fool Your Future Boss: Critique of weak education abroad programs and marketing pressures. Argues for accrediting agency and post-Study Abroad exams. Faculty/Administrators This article could be useful to create discussion between faculty and administrators. Do they agree with the author's controversial recommendations?
Colleges tell students overseas party's over More on the image of the "ugly American". Provides an example of misbehavior on study abroad that got out of control and program changes occurred (behavioral standards/agreements). Faculty/Administrators Share this article with your Sr. Leadership. It could be useful to those with similar problems looking for possible solutions to bad behavior.
Study Abroad Under Scrutiny from Insider Higher Ed This 2007 piece is incredibly relevant as it raises the commercialization and ethical challenges of education abroad. This article highlights a number of potential conflicts of interest in the relationships between college education abroad officials and third-party providers. Faculty/Administrators/Sr. Leadership  Share this article with your Sr. Leadership to create conversation about the ethical challenges of education abroad.
Study Abroad Investigation Raises Alarm Another piece from 2007 challenging ethics of education abroad. Faculty/Administrators/Sr. Leadership Similar to the piece above. This can be shared with your Sr. Leadership to create conversation about the ethical challenges of education abroad.