Resource: Examples of Better Abroad

Resources Description Who Should Use How To Use
College in Illinois (US) Finds a Way to Help Low-Income Students Go Abroad This article speaks to Augie Choice which is a five-year-old pledge by the Augustana College to give two thousand dollars to each and every one of its 2500 students for international study Faculty/Administrators This article can be used by other colleges pitching automatic financial support to senior administrators.
UKY Education Abroad Faculty Toolkit This is a comprehensive list of various tools for faculty led program design that are categorized for easy use. Faculty/Administrators/ Students This large tool offers a wide variety of activities that education abroad professionals can use at all stages of their programs with students to mentally prepare for their trip/ engage in their culture and reflect on their experiences. It should used for professional development of faculty and administrators as well as for program design. (Note: some resources below are also from this toolkit.)
A Taste of Culture This tool explores how food shapes cultural identity. Faculty/Administrators/Students This class activity can be used in pre-departure to reveal to students the roles food plays in a people's lives. There is also a writing assignment handout to be completed after the program which includes questions to reflect on one's identity and facilitate cultural exploration.
Blog Abroad This resource focuses on self-discovery and cultural exploration through writing. Faculty/ Administrators/Students This exercise can be used to focus student writing as a means of acquiring knowledge while reflecting upon one's experiences.
Building A Better World This is a list of shared activities for service-learning practitioners including reflective activities and community-driven development. Administrators/Faculty This list of resources and blog posts can be used for on-going professional development and to inform program design (particularly for service learning abroad.)
Civic Action Scrapbook This assignment focuses on motivating civic responsibility and globally ethical behavior. Faculty/ Administrators/Students This exercise can be used to focus students on recognizing and engaging in civic action in the host community and to help them create an action plan targeting an issue in one's home community.
Building Cultural Competence Provides step-by-step instructions for over 50 activities and models building cultural competence. Administrators/Faculty Use these exercises to build cultural competence amongst workers in both business and education settings.
Maximizing Study Abroad A series of guide books for study abroad preparation including information and statistics that define the need for study abroad materials and describes the phases of the project. Faculty/Administrators/Students Use these activities to make the most of education abroad opportunities through strategies for language and culture learning and use. Some of the activities are free on the site and more are available for order. Also includes list of more recommended reading on improving education abroad.
Community Partners This assignment calls for students to connect with host community organizations through service learning projects. Faculty/Administrators/Students This exercise can be used to create sustainable partnerships and share the best ways to raise awareness about targeted local international issues. The goal is to build a sustainable relationship between the local organization and the international project.
Culture Shock Absorber This group activity asks students to reflect upon and share an uncomfortable encounter with the host culture. Faculty/Administrators/ Students This exercise is ideal for mid-program. The proposed outcome is to create awareness of the multitude of perspectives on intercultural encounters while identifying one's own style of reacting. Students should actively learn about the host culture's patterns of interpersonal interactions.
Sustainable Study Abroad Website providing tips for being sustainable with study abroad. Faculty/Administrators/Students This page from Middlebury college's site can give planners and participants ideas on how to make study abroad more sustainable.
Emergency Preparedness This assignment engages students in identifying the best responses to potential crises of international travel. Faculty/ Administrators/Students This pre-departure exercise can be used to make students aware of potential health and safety risks while traveling abroad. They will also learn ways to create and implement emergency plans.
Global Health Matters This program focuses on class discussion and class presentations of a project Faculty/Administrators/Students This exercise can be used to help students become aware of global health issues such as health policy and advocacy. They will also develop their skills in writing issue and policy briefs.
Global Learning Contract This activity centers around the individual's development on what it means to be a global citizen. Faculty/ Administrators/ Students This activity can be used to aid students in becoming more responsible and autonomous learners while crafting their concept of global citizenship.
Global Learning Summaries Student's choose and summarize a global issue in which they analyze the host country's response. Faculty/ Administrators/Students This activity can be used to develop student awareness of and critical thinking on contemporary global issues with on focus on those of the host country. It strengthens students' skills regarding data collection and analysis.
Global News This tool uses weekly analytical both writing assignments and presentations about topic-specific reflection. Faculty/Administrators/ Students This activity encourages students to develop an awareness of current events in the host country and reflect on their global context.
Global Panoramio This activity involves photography and web-based file sharing. Faculty/ Administrators/ Students Students learn about the host culture through its heritage. It aims to make students become more thoughtful observers and reflect upon the meanings of cultural heritage.
Intercultural Scavenger Hunt This group activity fosters intercultural communication skills and cultural integration through an organized scavenger hunt. Faculty/ Administrators/Students Through use of the local language students engage the local community in order to learn about its culture and social structure.
Journaling Across Cultures Students record experiences and reflect upon them in the context of global citizenship and academic development. Faculty/Administrators/Students This is directed writing activity that promotes cultural exploration and self-discovery that  can be used in ongoing orientation.
Lost in Translation In this activity students record their experiences learning the host country's language. Faculty/Administrators/Students With this exercise students learn and reflect on sociocultural aspects of language learning.
My Ethic for Global Learning Students will analyze behaviors of some U.S. students to identify ethnocentric tendencies while using study abroad practices. Students will weigh the pros and cons of student travel on the host country. Faculty/Administrators/Students Use this exercise to help students will develop their own personal ethic for global learning and engagement.
My Experience in Pictures Students will analyze the local culture through photography and investigate a global issue. Faculty/Administrators/Students This in country activity aides students in becoming a more thoughtful observer and to reflecting upon one's cultural experiences.
Postcards from Abroad Students create their postcards by gathering texts and images that reflect their host country's informal culture. Faculty/Administrators/Students This activity actually allows students to portray their experiences and intercultural differences to others in a creative way.
The Ethnographic Interview Students become familiar with the ethnographic inquiry and interview process. Faculty/Administrators/Students With this exercise students develop the skills needed to develop a rapport with interviewees and reflect upon the value of ethnography in the cultural learning process.
U.S. American Identity Abroad Students will learn to differentiate between stereotypes and generalizations. Faculty/Administrators/Students Use this exercise to help students become aware of negative and positive stereotypes of Americans. The goals are to learn to understand and combat such misconceptions.
YouTube Ethnography Project Students will learn the nature of ethnography in reference to cultural representation and interpretation. Faculty/ Administrators/Students Students will make a short video production on a cultural topic related to their host community. The goal is to help students to develop a high level of cultural exploration and learning.
What's Up with Culture This cultural training resource contains modules on pre-departure and re-entry. Faculty/ Administrators/Students/ Parents Use this extensive website for self-directed student use in preparation for both departure and re-entry.
Another Mishegas: Global Citizenship Michael Woolf discusses the need to develop a better understanding of global citizenship and promote this among students. Administrators/Faculty Use this article with students or among the education abroad administration to explore the meaning behind "global citizen" and access the attributes attached to it. Reflect upon the current outcomes of your students' study abroad experiences.
Languages Across The Curriculum (LxC) Program to enhance inter-curricular use of foreign languages. Students Use LxC in program design as well as cultural programming.

Mentored Service Learning and Rigorous Academics: Keys to Successful International Study Abroad Programs

Research paper that argues that well-developed international service learning programs create unique opportunities for students to become better world citizens. Administrators/Faculty Use this resource as a model to enhance your students' study abroad experiences.
Preparing Our Youth to Engage the World The Asia Society is the leading global and pan-Asian organization working to strengthen relationships and promote understanding among the people of the United States and Asia." Administrators Use this 136 page resource as a conversation starter about educating students in global competence. The resource also has practical examples and check lists to help with program design. Can be used as a model to promote dialogue and understanding across cultures in your institution.
Authentic Experiences for Students Studying Abroad Author discusses authentic experience abroad using an example of US/China exchange and a video. Administrators/Faculty/Students Can be shared with program designers and students to create conversation about program design and how much one can learn in a short term experience abroad.
"Beyond Abroad: Innovative Re-entry Exercises Collection of innovative activities geared toward reorienting returning students and professors. Faculty/Administrators/Students Use this toolkit of practical re-entry exercises to inspire students and professors to reflect upon and process their education abroad experiences.
Alex and Jim Pairing up 2 students who have authentic dialogue about each other's culture. Faculty/Administrators/Students Students can still this video as an example of cross-cultural collaboration. Faculty and administration can use the videos with students to get an informal conversation started about cultural differences.