Resource: Global Citizenship/Human Dignity

Resources Description Who Should Use How To Use
Building a Better World This website includes a vast wealth of knowledge on the Pedagogy and Practice of Global Service-Learning. Faculty Use this entire site during development of service-learning projects and as a sounding board for conversation.
Interview with Dr. Richard Kiely Dr. Richard Kiely discusses the importance of pedagogy/research and institutional change to create a quality service learning program at a university. Faculty Reinforces the importance of reflection into the service learning experience.Faculty members can review this video for a strong rationale of incorporating a service learning component into their classes as well as assess their current programs.
What's wrong with volunteer travel? Daniela Papi's TEDx Talk on the problem with volunteer travel and its long term implications for short-term and one-time visits from students/faculty. Faculty/Administration/Students This video is a good conversation starter for faculty and students regarding the importance of understanding a community before participating in a volunteer excursion abroad.
African aid: no more 'pity shit' Magette Wade highlights the importance of perception and relating to one another as humans. She discusses the common attitude of pity towards developing nations that privileged young Americans and Europeans have when traveling abroad to "help the needy". Students Use in pre-departure to underline the importance how good intentions are viewed and to create discussion around "helping."
Africa for Norway A parody video created in effort to shift the paradigm on Africa. It highlights how our perception of Norway would be different if we only saw people freezing and suffering in the extreme cold. Faculty/Administrators/Students Use in pre-departure to underline the negative impact of stereotypes.
Chimamanda Adichie: The danger of a single story This TED talk highlights the pitfalls of thinking unilaterally about a group of people or culture and that we all are susceptible to it—but what matters is recognizing it and learning from it. Students Use in pre-departure as a conversation starter and to discuss how stereotypes influence our interactions.
Country Study Program: Year of Ghana Year of Ghana shows how understanding a culture extends beyond just a one-time lecture or discussion Faculty/Administrators/Community Use this model to start a similar program as it provides good examples and a strong foundation of how to incorporate internationalization on campus as well as in the community. Organizations can explore where they are sending students and build pre-departure education around locations through this type of programming.
Global Spotlight Highlights a particular region throughout the world through a variety of art events and lectures at Utah Valley University. Administrators/Faculty/Community An example of events for a program of ongoing cultural learning in the home community.
Global Spotlight Program The Global Spotlight Program at the University of Minnesota takes a biennial focus on a region of the world and a current global issue. Administrators/Faculty Another excellent model of a campus commitment to learning another culture through an ongoing series of lectures and activities.
Webster University's Global Citizenship Program A set of undergraduate degree requirements in their general education program that offers a rubric for Glocal Citizenship. Administrators/Faculty Good model to use; helps faculty prepare students in confronting global problems.