Resource: Guides/Assessment Tools

Resources Description Who Should Use How To Use
Mapping Internationalization Assessment Tool This is an assessment tool for mapping internationalization in your organization Faculty/Administrators/Senior Leadership This online tool can be used to compare where you stand against other institutions and to track your progress.
Student Learning Abroad: What Our Students Are Learning What They're Not and What We Can Do About It This book addresses our assumptions about what students learn abroad. It confirms that we should not assume that cultural competency is taking place simply by a person crossing borders on an academic experience abroad. Faculty/Administrators/Sr. Leadership Can be used as a reference tool in the design and assessment of study abroad programs.
Global Perspective Inventory The Global Perspective Inventory was designed to measure how a views themselves as a person in a cultural heritage. It can provide evidence of students' global perspectives and experiences both pre or post study abroad." Administrators/Faculty This inventory can be used pre-departure or re-entry.
Beliefs Events and Values Inventory (BEVI) This inventory can be used either for pre-departure and/or re-entry as it helps individuals understand what they believe and value about themselves and others/reflect upon how their beliefs and values may or may not be conducive to learning and helps answers "who learns what and why under what circumstances." This is an interview with Dr. Shealy. Administrators/Faculty/Senior Leadership This tool can be used pre-departure and re-entry.
Intercultural Development Inventory Can be used to assess a shift in intercultural competency. Administrators/Faculty/Senior Leadership This inventory can be used pre-departure and/or upon re-entry to asses a student or cohort shift in intercultural competency.
Ethical guidelines for study abroad: Can we transform ugly Americans into engaged global citizens? Structure for Building Ethical Engagement for Study Abroad Students Faculty/Administrators This chart can be helpful for administrators to assess and/or develop study abroad programs in understanding what kinds of cultural contexts needs to be addressed.
5th Edition of Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad.   The Forum on Education Abroad's Set of Standards. Faculty/Administrators/Sr. Leadership This is a deeper process to review ethical considerations in Education Abroad which includes assessment.
Maximizing Study Abroad through Language and Culture Strategies This report describes three research studies conducted at the University of Minnesota. Faculty/Administrators This study was designed to field test the Students Guide and to explore the impact of a curricular intervention on study abroad students second language acquisition/ intercultural development/language learning strategies and culture learning strategies. This report can be used for professional development for programs that incorporate language study abroad.
MAP (Model Assessment Practice) The  MAP (Model Assessment Practice) provides a set of standards for education abroad programs. Administrators/Faculty/Senior Leadership This can be used for a more thorough assessment of Better Abroad.
Intervening in Student Learning Abroad: A Research-Based Inquiry Dr. Michael Van de Berg provides significant evidence that most students benefit from enrolling in programs abroad that are intentionally designed to promote their intercultural learning as opposed to being left to their own devices in immersion programs." Administrators/Faculty/Senior Leadership This set of standards can be used as a checklist during program design and education abroad philosophy and then paired with an assessment tool to yield results of program design methods.
Various articles Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad. A resource of scholarly articles from authors such as Michael Vande Berg and Tracy Rundstrom Williams Administrators/Faculty/Senior Leadership Articles can be used as Professional Development for faculty or administrators and senior leadership. Some may be used for student assignments to read and reflect on prior to departure and during on-going orientation.
The Reflective Model of Intercultural Competency: A Multidimensional Qualitative Approach to Study Abroad Assessment This paper presents a Reflective Model of Intercultural Competence. Administrators/Faculty/Senior Leadership This can be used to asses student gains from study abroad participation.